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Baby Shower Cakes & Cupcakes
Blue Chocolate R380.00
Blue fairycakes R14.00
Blue Vanilla R380.00
Chocolate fairy cakes R14.00
Pink Cake R380.00
Pink Cupcakes R15.00
Small Pink Cake R300.00
Teddy & Toys R420.00
Cake Pops
Caramel & cardomon pops R10.00
Chocolate mint pops R10.00
Chocolate pops R10.00
Creamcheese pops R10.00
MM Clubhouse Pops R10.00
Passion fruit pops R10.00
Toffee pops R10.00
White chocolate pops R10.00
Apple crumble R180.00
Baked Cheesecake R280.00
Baked Chocolate Cheesecake R280.00
Carrot Cake R250.00
Cheesecake R250.00
Chocolate Caramel Buttercream R280.00
Chocolate Fudge R280.00
Chocolate Ganache R350.00
Chocolate Mousse R350.00
Chocolatey Chocolate R350.00
Classic Chocolate R250.00
Coffee shop cheesecake R280.00
Death by Chocolate R400.00
Lemon meringue pie R280.00
Madeira Cake R250.00
Passion fruit gateau R250.00
Tiramisu cake R380.00
Vanilla Caramel Buttercream R280.00
Vanilla Sponge R250.00
Butter biscuits R220.00
Cardamon R150.00
Choc & Vanilla R220.00
Choc-vanilla creams R60.00
Chocolate Praline Whirls R75.00
Crunchies R75.00
Florentines R75.00
Millionaires' Shortbread R15.00
Orange & Chocolate R220.00
Rosemary shortbread R75.00
Traditional shortbread R75.00
Baked cheesecake cupcakes R15.00
Blueberry Cheesecake R16.00
Buttercream ganache R15.00
Caramel & Buttercream R15.00
Caramint R15.00
Cardamon & Coffee R15.00
Carrot & Cranberry R15.00
Carrot & Walnut R15.00
Cheesecake R15.00
Chocolate Chilli R15.00
Chocolate Fudge R15.00
Chocolate Mousse R18.00
Classic Chocolate R14.00
Classic Vanilla R14.00
Death By Chocolate R18.00
Devil's food R15.00
Florentine R18.00
Girls Spa themed cupcakes R18.00
Girly Cupcakes R18.00
Lamington R15.00
Lemon Meringue R16.00
Mochaccinos R15.00
Passion fruit R15.00
Pecan pies R18.00
Pink Baby Shower R18.00
Raspberry & Coconut R18.00
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecakes R18.00
Red Velvet R15.00
Tiramisu R18.00
Truffle (with liqueur) R18.00
Vanilla Chai R15.00
white chocolate frosting R18.00
Fairy Cakes
baked fairy cheesecakes R150.00
Ballerina Theme R18.00
Buttercream Kids Variety R14.00
garden party fairy cakes R15.00
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme R15.00
Pinkalicious! R15.00
Red Velvet fairy cakes R12.00
Soccer Theme R15.00
Tea Party Fairy Cakes R15.00
Time for Tea R15.00
Walnut Brownie Bites R15.00
Gift Packs
Cookie Tin R95.00
Tea for One R70.00
Kids Novelty Cakes, Cupcakes & Treats
Ballerina Theme R18.00
Barnyard cupcakes R15.00
Celebration cake! R420.00
clown cake R280.00
Cupcake Cake R400.00
Cupcakes R15.00
Daisy Teapot Cake R400.00
Dino cookies R5.00
Girls Spa themed cupcakes R18.00
GlacÚ frosted cupcakes R10.00
lion cupcake R15.00
pink cupcakes R15.00
Princess cake R500.00
Rainbow cake R300.00
SA Rugby Ball Novelty Cake R500.00
Sugar cookies R5.00
Teapot with Hearts R500.00
Vanilla Cookies R50.00
You're a superstar! R450.00
Summer Specials
Strawberry Tart R280.00
Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cupcakes, Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower cupcakes, etc
Bridal Shower Cupcakes R18.00
Sugar Cookie R16.50
Vintage Themed R500.00
Wedding dress collection R16.50
Wedding Dress Collection
Wedding cake cookie R16.50
Wedding Dress Cookies R16.50
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